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About Charray

I'm a mum, cake decorator, health psychologist, lecturer and mentor.

When I started my business, I had no idea what it meant to run a business that made actual money. I've been a cake decorator since the age of 21, when I attempted to make a cake for my mother visiting her from University. I kept making cakes for fun and taught myself entirely through books and later, YouTube. My mother, ever my greatest champion, decided I had a real gift and paid for me to go to New College Nottingham to do a diploma in pastry and patisserie. From there I did another cake decorating course and a diploma in sugar flowers.

Flash forward two years and I had opened up my first shop mid May 2010 in Bulwell Nottingham. I remember those days with fond memories because it wasn't as easy as I had envisioned. Like with all businesses, there are days you just want to throw in the towel in an avalanche of self pity but then the passion keeps calling you back. The cakes ever more tempting and challenging and the success as addictive as adrenaline.


Now I spend my days working on these wonderful designs that customers would like to see come alive and in the few hours I can steal in between, you will find me at home playing with my wonderful children, chilling with my extended family or curled up with a book.

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